Colin Lukacs-Winn

Colin Lukacs-Winn

Colin studied at Carlton-le-Willows Grammar School, then Peoples College and Nottingham Trent University. He attained a degree in Engineering Technologies and Production.

He worked for Royal Ordnance, the largest arms manufacturer of weapon systems in the UK. Trained as a toolmaker initially and later on as Weapon System Engineer. He worked for Bae Systems as an Engineer specialising in Erosion Machining, and was awarded the Chairman’s Award for Innovation and Technology as a result of this work. He also undertook some explosive training with Bactec Ltd, a battlefield clearance company.

Colin left engineering after some 27 years continuous service and set up a plumbing and heating company, and also took on three pubs/restaurants which he ran for over 10 years before retiring from the hospitality industry.

Colin is currently indulging his passion for the Great War. He has been fortunate to work on some high profile projects including several TV documentaries. He is trained for underground work and has an extensive knowledge of all necessary safety procedures required when working sub-surface. He also has an extensive knowledge of, and a passion for, all forms of underground warfare and the history of this fascinating and deadly craft.

Colin gives many presentations and lectures on the underground war as well as on many other aspects of the Great War, and is a battlefield Tour Guide for both global conflicts. He has worked as an Experimental Archaeologist proving just how equipment available during the conflicts was used and how effective these items were, or not, as the case may be.