Richard (Rick) Smith

Rick SmithThe First World War and the Western Front have been part of Rick’s life for over 45 years. he was six years old when he first visited the battlefields with his family: it was his father’s passion. Over the following years he visited many times, in the last twenty in particular following his grandfathers war service from his diaries.

Rick’s particular interests are the RFA/RHA/HA, the Underground War and the Logistics of the Western Front.

Rick has given local talks on his grandfather and has been involved recently in the Great War exhibition at his local museum.

Rick graduated with an MA in Britain in the First World War from the University of Wolverhampton under the guidance of Professor Gary Sheffield and Dr Spencer Jones. He is currently studying the logistics and effectiveness of the respective Corps artillery brigades during the build up to, and including, the 1st July 1916, based on his MA dissertation. Rick hopes to publish this sometime in the future.

Rick is a founder/committee member of the Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association and is currently the UK secretary.