Terry Berry

Terry BerryTerry is a true Londoner and grew up playing on the streets at the very heart of Westminster. His family home was a modest dwelling in a typical block in Page Street which was bombed regularly during the blitz. He remembers his late father telling him stories of growing up on the streets of war-torn London.

His family owned fruit & veg shops in Pimlico & Victoria, and as a young man he became a market porter at Covent Garden. Although he still has family in the area, he moved out towards the South London/Kent borders where he still lives.

After a Secondary Modern education, Terry left school and his organisational and management skills led to him being employed by a global advertising agency, where he eventually became Global Project & Planning Director. Based in New York he was responsible for implementations of projects in over 112 Countries. After moving back to the UK, he decided to try his hand working for himself in property management & development, and still has his own company.

Given his upbringing, Terry naturally has always been interested in all things War but his interest for the Great War really came to the fore when he visited the Somme many years ago. Since then, he has had an unwavering passion and thirst for knowledge, studying at every opportunity and immersing himself in the history of the area. Terry is a founder member of The Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association, actively involved in all aspects of the association, and is on the Somme at every opportunity, networking, guiding visitors or working on the site.

Away from the battlefields, Terry is an avid Crystal Palace Supporter and a season ticket holder with his son. Terry also played professional golf for 10 years and still plays to scratch handicap. He is a member of the Variety Club of Great Britain and the Guild of Battlefield Guides. He is married to Julie and has 2 children.